August 27, 2015  

Pop Gossip:

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen's marriage is apparently on the rocks... or something. But the rumors MAY be inflated.

Hollywood News:

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are writing a movie together. TASTE THE AWESOME.

Music Buzz:

Shania Twain's "farewell tour" has already made $40 million and counting. NOT SO FAST, eh??

HipHop Gossip:

Apparently Tyga's "dream" is for him and Kylie to double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna.

TV Gossip:

Sarah Jessica Parker was "desperate" to get out of "SATC" after filming the pilot. Couldn't she have left a post-it and spared us the misery??

Quirky News:

Yesterday was National Dog Day. Your cat is quite satisfied to know THAT'S all done with and all is back to normal for the next 364 days.