December 20, 2014  

Pop Gossip:

Cameron Diaz got engaged to Benji Madden. That will make her Nicole Richie's sister-in-law, which might be why she did it, because... HIM?!?

Hollywood News:

One of the silver linings of the whole "Interview" thing has gotta be Obama calling James Franco "James Flacco." Thanks, Kim Jong-un!

Music Buzz:

Rolling Stone named Ariana Grande's "My Everything" the best pop album of 2014. She'll probably be carrying that issue around like a baby.

HipHop Gossip:

Fabolous released "I Don't F--- With Christmas." How did he beat Mariah to that one??

TV Gossip:

David Schwimmer will play Rob Kardashian in a new miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial. If the glove don't fit, WE WERE ON A BREAK.

Quirky News:

Mysterious "ice pancakes" have appeared on a Scottish river. It's weird and interesting, but not exactly The New Loch Ness Monster.