March 28, 2015  

Pop Gossip:

Matthew McConaughey will give the commencement speech at the University of Houston. The seniors majoring in naked bongos have some SERIOUS pull.

Hollywood News:

Rumor is that Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman are feuding on the set of "The Secret in Their Eyes." Are you Team Horse Mouth or Team Botox Face??

Music Buzz:

A federal judge is considering throwing out "Happy Birthday to You's" 94-year-old copyright. We'll see if he makes a wish before he blows it!

HipHop Gossip:

Dr. Dre said he's working on a "Straight Outta Compton" soundtrack... but might not release it. Stay tuned for the next round of "Teases by Dre."

TV Gossip:

Ellen DeGeneres is producing a new NBC docuseries called "First Dates." Call it a hunch, but we have a feeling it WON'T be filmed in Indiana.

Quirky News:

An MIT team invented a coating that helps toothpaste, glue, lotion, and ketchup slide easily out of their bottles. Where's the fun in that??