April 19, 2015  

Pop Gossip:

A hacked Sony email said Ben Affleck forced the "Finding Your Roots" PBS show delete his slave-owning ancestors. Not to mention his hair plugs.

Hollywood News:

"Paul Blart 2" is trying to chase "Furious 7" at the box office this weekend. ON A SEGWAY, which goes, what, 2mph?. He's the food court jester.

Music Buzz:

Zayn Malik shaved his head and pierced his nose. If he's trying to stay out of the public eye he's going in the wrong diREKTion.

HipHop Gossip:

TIDAL is already replacing its CEO, less than three weeks after the launch. He took the next wave OUTTA THERE.

TV Gossip:

The "Duck Dynasty" musical premieres in Las Vegas this week. Was there really any call for that??

Quirky News:

Three zebras escaped their ranch and went running through the streets of Belgium. What's black and white and Bruges all over?