August 22, 2014  

Pop Gossip:

Nick Cannon confirmed that he and Mariah have split. Gee... apparently a successful marriage requires more than just contrived bikini selfies.

Hollywood News:

Sigourney Weaver has passed on the offer to star in "The ExpendaBelles." Now we know the answer to Ripley's leave it or not.

Music Buzz:

MTV confirmed that Miley Cyrus will be attending the VMAs this Sunday. It's not SO unusual for the guilty to return to the scene of the crime.

HipHop Gossip:

50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to read one page of a Harry Potter book out loud without messing up. That's even COLDER than an ice bucket.

TV Gossip:

The 552-episode "Simpsons" marathon has begun. It'd be unpossible for it to be any more cromulent!

Quirky News:

Russia has shut down four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow, citing "sanitary reasons." Of course, Putin may have his own sanity reasons....