October 21, 2014  

Pop Gossip:

50 year-old Rob Lowe Instagrammed a sunny selfie, wearing only swim trunks. Obviously his "50" is just a perfect "10" ...TIMES FIVE.

Hollywood News:

Disney moved their "Moana" princess movie release from 2018 to 2016. They haven't moved that fast since they ran away from "Song of the South."

Music Buzz:

The newly-reunited Sleater-Kinney will drop their "No Cities to Love" album on Sub Pop on January 20. That release is gonna cause a riot, grrrls.

HipHop Gossip:

Nicki Minaj said she thinks "Anaconda" is "a normal video." But THEN she said "it's just cheeky." That second part sounds a lot more accurate.

TV Gossip:

The popularity of the "My Little Pony" series has inspired Hasbro to greenlight a new feature film for 2017. Revenues are magic!

Quirky News:

A new genetic analysis of King Tut and his family found that his parents were siblings. Whoa. Did he KNOW that about his mummy??